PharmEvo belongs to a corporate group who is in diversified businesses since 1971, started with distribution of pharmaceuticals & consumer products and later ventured into manufacturing of baby care / dental care products, pharmaceuticals, textile, food & others.


Shield® by virtue of its vast range is the leader in Oral and Baby Care segment.Shield® has focused its efforts towards achieving consumer satisfaction and consumer protection in all its deliverables.


Zaman Textile has a rich history established decades ago. Zaman has a philosophy to achieve excellence right from the fields, selecting the best quality of cotton and storing in a clean environment. The raw cotton is then converted in expertly designed temperature controlled factories using fastest machinery with watchful in-process inspection.

QnE - Online Grocery Store

QnE is a customer oriented e-commerce platform that aims to take care of shopping needs in a SMART way, making life easier for all customers. We are Pakistan’s premier online grocery store with services initially in Karachi. Our aim is to enhance the online community by becoming the nation’s favorite e-commerce platform through our very own SMART fundamentals.

Nagaria Textile Mills Ltd.