Looking back over the years I can recall many significant mile stones. But none stands out more prominently and none serves as a beckon of light as our resolve that it is only with integrity, honesty, diligence, service and fairness with our business associates and the personnel alike that we will, with God’s grace, succeed grow and prosper.While distribution is and shall remain our core business, but as the saying is that one should not place all eggs in one basket, establishment of three selected industrial undertaking had been an important decision. Applying the same management principles as we have adopted so far these ventures, after the initial tracking problems are well on their way achieving prominence in their respective spheres of activity.

For the support and guidance and the trust placed upon us, we are thankful to our Principals, as without their patronage we would not be where we stand today. We are also grateful to our customers all over the country for the confidence posed in us and our services . Their continued patronage has great role in our progress.

Equally credit must go also to our staff, at all levels for the agility of service ever so cheerfully rendered. They are the bricks and the mortar upon which the edifice Premier rests.

No human efforts mean anything without sincerity and good intention. ALLAH our creator rewards based on the sincerity of intention and the best rewarded are those who have regard consideration for fellow human beings as their rights carry great importance. We all in Premier do give this concept top priority and shall continue doing so.